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Why do we do financial coaching? We have a passion to minister to people who are hurting financially.


Reading news stories like (this) AP story fuels that passion to help people. AP reports that two-thirds of Americans have difficulty coming up with $1000 to cover an emergency. This speaks volumes on how ill-equipped we as a society are when it comes to personal finance. The problem spans all income groups including households making more than $100,000 a year – 38% say they would have at least some difficulty coming up with $1,000.


We can help you break the cycle of debt and begin to build wealth. The proven methods we teach have helped literally millions of people. Isn’t it time you make a decision to once and for all start to lead a life free from debt?


Ken Buckwalter


I remember it like it was yesterday, my new and first credit card arrived in the mail. Yep. Sears. The gateway to all other credit cards or so I was told. If on credit card applications you listed that card others would follow. And so they did. Gas cards, department store credit cards, Diners Club and of course, Visa and MasterCard from multiple institutions! Then one day the impossible happened; I was invited to apply for American Express Gold! I responded and with my stellar credit, I got the card.


As a small business owner I justified all of this plastic because, hey, what if I needed some quick cash advance to get through a slow time, both business wise and family wise. With a wife who was a stay at home mom and two children I still had to bring home the bacon. Slow times borrow, good times pay back. The problem was that during the good times there wasn’t always enough money to pay back in full. Credit card balances built up but the minimum payment was manageable, or so I thought.


My father passed away in 2002. It was several weeks after the funeral that I received my final wake-up call. Up to that point I was ignoring all the signs of a financial emergency – drowning in oceans of debt. The call came in the form of a letter from a credit card company stating I was 30 days late on a payment. I was juggling so many balls in the air that I missed this one. I wrote the company and explained my father’s passing as my excuse and please remove the mark from my credit report. They did and at that point I knew something drastic needed to be done.


Enter the Dave Ramsey Show on the radio. Who was this guy talking about debt freedom, no car payments, cut up your credit cards, pay off your house? A little research told me this guy was the real deal. His methods were common sense, start a budget, get out of debt, spend less than you make.


Right before the financial meltdown in 2008, my wife and I made our final mortgage payment. Debt freedom was ours to experience and it’s a great feeling.


My passion to help others experience debt freedom is why I sought training as a financial coach. I know firsthand what crushing debt feels like. I know the feeling of embarrassment to have to admit such. I also know it doesn’t always have to be that way. There is hope for a better tomorrow if you take the necessary steps today to achieve financial freedom.


I can help you start this exciting journey as your financial coach.

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